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Backyard Rustic Woodworking Class for Veterans, Jan. 14-Feb.18, 2012

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world “

John Muir

Syllabus: Backyard Rustic Woodworking for Veterans
Saturdays, Jan 14 - Feb 18 2012, 10AM-2PM

Make a Small Chair, Table, Land Art, Carving, Accessories, Learn about Marketing

Rustic Woodworker Daniel Mack has been working with fallen wood, saplings, logs and driftwood for 30 years. He uses a variety of simple, traditional and contemporary woodworking tools to make furniture, architectural elements, accessories and sculptures. This workshop provide the basic skills to make rustic projects from common woods and driftwood and possibly start a small side business. More information go to museumvillage.blogspot.com.

January 14 at Dan Mack’s Shop, 14 Welling Ave., Warwick, NY

Rustic is just putting some patterns or forms on some materials
10 Meet, Tour studio area, Discuss materials, tools, safety possible projects,
10:30 Tools/Techniques Demo 1: mortise and tenon joint: by hand, with cutters
11-1 Make a Small Table: 4 holes, four tenoned legs Finishing options
1:30 Tools/Techniques Demo 4: power carvers, power chisels

January 21 at Dan Mack’s Shop, 14 Welling Ave., Warwick, NY

10 Tools/Techniques Demo 2: Drill Press, Big Drill, Chop Saw
11-2 Make a 12” Trophy Chair to get practice with tools, sticks, joint-making

January 28 at Museum Village, 1010 Rt.17M, Monroe, NY

10 Tour and Introduction and practice with the hand tools of woodworking
Hand Tool projects/Skills building1:30 Marketing Talk : Basic Writing skills, photography skills, elevator speech

February 4 at Newburgh Waterfront and/or Plum Point.

10 Introduction to working with driftwood: coped joints, mechanical joinery
Practice Land Art with Driftwood
1:30 Marketing Talk #3 networking, on-line and off-line; Media and Social media

February 11 at Museum Village, 1010 Rt. 17M, Monroe, NY

10 Small-scale woodworking. Intro to whittling, carving and rustic accessories.
11 Work on small-scale projects
1:30 Directions for Marketing and Selling

February 18 at Bear Mt. Park

10 Visit several Outdoor Benches Large scale Joinery, durability
11 Tour BMI Lobby: Birch Bark veneering
12 Gift Shop: who’s selling what?
1 Snack Bar: Marketing Talk; close of Workshop

CHECKLIST Workshop 2012

Increased facility with tools and techniques, Better understanding of personal sense of design, motivations for Making, appreciation for breadth--the “grammar”---
of natural materials


learning when to use what tool

Shop Set-up Tables, lights, storage, heat, safety, air cleaning, Safety Glasses

Cutting Tools Loppers, Clippers, Knives, Hand Carving Tools, Saws: Hand folding, Bow,

Circular, Chop Saw, Reciprocating, Jig, Chain Saw: Gas, electric, Safety and blocking

Tenon Cutter: stationary, changing heads, adjusting blades, Safety and blocking

Portable (Lee Valley): methods of use; Alternatives: Hand Cutting, Chisels, hole saws, grinders

Antique Tools: hollow auger, spoke pointer, Rounder

Drills: 1/2”, 3/8” corded, battery, “keyless chuck”

Drill Bits Varieties, uses

Drill Press: floor, table model, Use of V Blocks, shims

Holding Hands in Gloves Vises, Clamp, extensions, bungees, Shaving Horse

Finishing Rationale(s) Grinders, Dremel, Sanders: Random Orbital, etc.

Sandpaper: grits, backings

Specialised Arbortech Carvers, Power Chisels

Techniques: Several Techniques can get similar results; Which to use??

Acquiring: The Hunt: Gleaning, Buying

Construction: Mortise/Tenon, Wedged Tenons Mechanicals: rationale, screws,(trims, timberlocs...)

Chemical: Glues: varieties, conditions for use

Alternative Joinery: Gravity, wire string, wax, velcro

Bark Applique handling, adhesion, trimming, finish

Finishing Oils, stains, lye, vinegar,

Sealers: oils, water-based, wipe-ons, Waxing

Woods: Identifying, Acquiring, Harvesting, Peeling, Storing Drying and Kilns and Bugs

“Country” Drawknife/Shaving Horse, axe, froe, spoke shave

Seating: Seat Weaving, Upholstery

Tricks and Tips: markers, paints, plugs, dirt, acorns, leveling legs

Outering/Uttering writing skills, speaking skills

Marketing selling windows or mirrors?


Slab Wood and Driftwood to make benches and stools, Dry Sticks with Bark

Peeled, Fresh Cut: Hickory, Mulberry, & Maple

Purchased rustic materials: “fence posts”, fencing, lumber, Re-Claimed Wood, & planks

Exotics: White Birch Bark

Found Objects: stones, bones, feathers, soil, water, nests,

Projects: Time to Allow for Projects

Trophy chair, 12” high 4-6 hrs Bench 1 ¼ mortise/tenon joints 4 hrs

Garden Arbors/Trellises 4 hrs++ Ephemeral Work/Gifts 10 minutes ++

Land Art 1 hr++ Carved Bowls (with power carver) 30 min++

Found Wood Carving 1 hr++ Birch Bark appliqué 2 hrs++

Adult arm/side chair 10-12 hours Child’s arm chair, about 22” high 6 hrs.

Headboard 4 hrs Table structure 4-6 hrs

Discussion notes, concepts and terms

Elements of Rustic Design Rustic is an attitude, a mirror, a window

Human nature loves heartily well-balanced irregularity and longs for it in life, in character, and in almost everything else .

Calvert Vaux Villa and Cottage Architecture 1864

Rustic = affinity of opposites: geometry/nature, order/chaos, mater/pater, understructure/over structure,
Rustic = Linear and non-linear Geometry,
Rustic = The Need, the Intention, The Hunt, Making, Moving Along.
Rustic = geometry + craft + natural materials
Rustic = simple understructure + interesting feature
Rustic = mortality, transience, but not permanence
Rustic = a copy, interpretation, homage of something else.

Slide Talks: Dictionary of Rustic, Rustic in Architecture, Spirit of Rustic

The Four Needs: The Need for Wonder, The Need for Dexterity (hand-spirit, Infinite Play), The Need for Stories (the Diamonic), The Need for the Organic/Sensual/The Freal/The Carnal (Green Man./Al Khdir)

Nature-Time-Patience are 3 great healers

The “Other” Courses… Visitors to be alert for:

Your family:
who visited you this week?? Who are you Building What For? Why?

Moods: frustration, slow, fast, Encounters with rude people, kind people, young people, the same people

Inferiores: the rest of the clan, the gremlins, the preferred, deferred and denied s’elfs, Dreams Coincidences,

Encounters with the Elements: fire, earth, water, air, moon, rain, cold, sweat, sun, smell, noise, movement

What Creatures Appear?: snakes (life energy), mosquitoes (persistence), rabbits, coyotes (trickster), spider(balance), butterfly(change/grace), salamanders(adaptable), bear(strong/introspective), raccoon(curious, playful pesky), fox(clever/adapts), ants(patient), heron(solitary), deer(sensitivity), owl (insight), hawk (vision/aggression), frog(healing/cleansing/transformation),

Activities/Exercises to honor the Other unconscious workshop

Tree Id

Woods Walks

Watching people

Looking at slides

Looking at Videos


Collecting Materials

Design Books

Field Trips

Visiting Sawmills


Haiku/Senru Poetry

Mud Painting

Dancing with Sticks


found/arranged Gifts

“Smalls”, Toys Land-Based Arrangement

Objects reflecting various techniques/materials

Collaborate, Assist, Be Assisted

Get up at 5:30 AM to hear some of the 100 possible Songbirds express Joy, Anxiety, Conspicuity, Alarm, Defense

Points of Rustic Interest for Possible Side Trips

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